2013 Mobile Enterprise Executive Summit

Greg Lush

Sr. Vice President, Learning and Quality

Greg has spent his career working in the Service Industry (31 years) and currently holds the position of Senior Vice President for ABM Industries responsible for Learning, Quality and Emerging Innovations. Prior to the acquisition of The Linc Group (TLG),Greg held the role of CIO which allowed him to lead several Corporate shared service functions; Education; Quality and Strategy management; Program management; Systems and Infrastructure. December of 2009 Greg took on another role within one of the TLG Business Units as Chief Operating Officer. A unique opportunity to design and apply aforementioned services to a business with bottom line accountability.

He started in the field as a technician at 17 years old gaining hands-on experience with Air and Water balance; control systems and variable speed drives. Over his career he has worked in several industries, commercial, industrial, oil and gas, chemical; pumping. Greg spent several years conducting service and organizing an International organization of service contractors. Some may refer to Greg as "part propeller and part piston" as he applies a pragmatic technical approach to business requirements. It was yearsago when Greg started on the journey of promoting a culture which achieves perpetual learning and quality. Thus, post acquisition Greg and team have created a group aptly named Cultural Cohesion (c2). c2's strategic theme says it all: "Weaving a fabricthat compels inherent collaboration".

One of the principal driving forces in Greg's professional life is the desire to have every employee know that they are making a difference. Development of programs such as the Collaborative Service management framework, robust mobile workforce tools; viral education such as LincTube (an internal version of YouTube) have empowered and compelled behavior at the point of service. Several awards have been bestowed on The Linc Group as a direct result of these efforts, one of the most notable is a two time recipient of the Microsoft Pinnacle awards, once for evangelism (changing the service industry) and the other for overall excellence (the highest level of award given to customers). Most recently recognized as one of the ComputerWorld Top 100 CIO's for 2012. Greg is considered an industry expert and speaks at trade shows and conferences throughout the world.