Reduce Wireless Data Costs - MEM Report

More devices in the enterprise mean more apps and heavy data usage. The correlating wireless expenses grow as well, and some are hidden. Companies and users need visibility to manage these costs of mobility.

IT Challenged by Consumer Devices, Apps

A recent study of consumerization of IT shows that a super-connected class of “mobile elite” workers is defying policies bringing any device and downloading any apps they want, creating risks along the way.

What Are All Those Devices Doing to Your Eyes?

A new report, "Screens, Phones, Tablets, and More: Keeping Your Eyes Safe in a Digital Age," examines how the prolonged use of digital devices can negatively impact eye health.

RIM CEO & President Lays out the BB 10 Landscape; Subtly Knocks Apple

In the opening of Blackberry Jam Americas last week, Thorsten Heins called BB10 “the platform of the future”; revealed that the device is sleeker, lighter and has the “same connector”; and said that the future is not about isolation (emphasis on the i), but conversation.
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Mobile Productivity in the Enterprise: Moving from Support to Enablement with App Strategy

Enterprises now need to move from just supporting mobile workers to enabling them. The next gen of enterprise mobility management (EMM) tools, mobile app development strategies, collaboration tools and mobile apps will help organizations achieve productivity.