Hidden Risk From Lost Device

By Lori Castle, Editor in Chief — May 05, 2014

A friend’s child lost the family iPod; three kids, various places throughout the day—who knew where it wound up. She figured it was gone, but other than the cost of the device, it was no big deal, in the big picture. Until…she started seeing disturbing photos on her iPhone. Initially the disturbance was in the content, not X-rated, but not family friendly and not her pictures. How could this happen? She did not even think about the missing iPod.

She went to the Apple store and discovered something much more disturbing than the annoying visuals on her phone—the revelation (via a “Genius”) that her devices were syncing and that the person who took possession of her iPod could see her pictures as well.  

Thankfully she had activated Find My iPhone which enabled a device wipe and disabled sharing of personal info with a criminal—yes a criminal. She had gone to the police and when looking at the thief’s pictures, something gave that away. The police tracked down the person—not too hard considering some of his pics were taken at a restaurant where she was the day it was lost and where he (as it turns out ) works. Without being too specific about why, she decided not to press charges.

That’s a scary personal story. It could be a scary enterprise story had she been using her phone for work. For more on BYOD and protecting your business from the mobile threats that come not just from missing devices, but the apps downloaded by employees, read “The Attack of the Apps,”  and dig into “The New Age of BYO” supplement..

Mobile is…um…mobile, and this issue shows just how many places mobility is affecting and including: in the air, CIO Q&A with Maya Liebman of American Airlines; inside at a new wireless corporate headquarters; and in the field in the hands of sales reps.


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