The Gadgets I Can’t Live Without: Greg Altieri

— July 06, 2012

Greg Altieri

Chief Operating Officer, MacNair Travel Management

Greg Altieri came to the business travel industry five years ago after nearly 30 years in the federal contracting arena mostly in systems operations, and as a business and program manager for the Raytheon Corporation.  Before joining MacNair, Greg served executive positions in two small companies. The combination of Greg’s large and small business leadership skills, his experience in the high-tech sector, and his business function expertise made him a perfect choice to help MacNair Travel evolve from a well-established travel agency to a leading Travel company.

Older than Old!
I have a very old cell phone (go ahead and laugh – but it works better than most and battery lasts forever).  In my mind “phones” have one purpose - to allow me to talk with people. I will rue the day when this one has to be replaced.

What are These?
I have over 3700 of them at home and as long as they work, I don’t need CDs…maybe for the Smithsonian someday, but music to my ears right now!

Also Old Fashioned?
Can web search and email as well as read and play games anywhere.  It doesn’t hurt that I’ve published an e-book and can show it to anyone at any time – “Sir Vincent of Fairfax – A Knight’s Tale”!!

Never Lost
Mercury Car Nav System
I’m a “mapaholic” and have  been one since I was a kid.  That I now have maps of everywhere and anywhere on my dashboard is the coolest thing.

Not “Swiss Made”
My Casio Digital Watch
I swim with it every day and it never leaves my arm – try that with a smartphone - this is important because I’m a stickler for never being late!


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