The Gadgets I Can’t Live Without: Patrick O’Keeffe

— November 04, 2013

Patrick O’Keeffe
Vice President, Technology, American Airlines

Patrick has been with American for 25 years and currently oversees the development and implementation of technology for a range of operating groups at American including Flight, Onboard Services, Systems Operations Control, Revenue and Planning Technology and Maintenance and Engineering. He also leads American’s Operations Research, spearheading Horizon, the airline’s new Flight Operating System, which is the foundation for all flight planning, dispatch and crew applications, as well as technology solutions to support American’s participation in the oneworld Alliance and its Joint Businesses. He holds a BBA in accounting from Limerick University and an MBA from Rice University.

"Trip-It” App
I love for American flight details but use Trip-It to consolidate my American itineraries with all other travel-related info­. It keeps history on past trips and scans my Gmail for itineraries and auto imports them.

MacBook Air
I am a huge fan. This device is light, yet powerful, especially with the extended battery that lasts for long domestic flights.  It holds all of my personal documents, music and photos. With VM Fusion, I can also get a Windows experience when I need it for work.  Finally — a device for home and work!

Inflight Wi-Fi
As much as I like being disconnected at times, I’ve become addicted to inflight Wi-Fi.  When I’m in the air, I can concentrate more easily than while I’m on the ground.  I just plug in my earphones and crank through emails. It’s a perk that Wi-Fi is available on 99% of our domestic fleet, and I can get a day pass or get it for a few hours and go through the “I need to read this, but didn’t have time” emails that have piled up, and catch up on personal browsing or other tasks.

Boeing 777-300
My newest travel toy! American's new 777-300s are beautiful. Mood lighting and lie flat seats in Business Class cabins make sleeping very comfortable. While awake, stay connected (see below), enjoy the new entertainment system or sample snacks/drinks at the walk-up bar between premium cabins.

"Mailbox” App
I cannot stand mailbox clutter. This app is a simple, but effective tool for deferring mail until you need to act on it;  defer for hours, for a day, or a month. It's a big help when you get lots of personal email and your blood pressure increases as your inbox grows.


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