iPad Owns the Enterprise…For Now

By Tony Rizzo, Editor in Chief — May 29, 2012

2012 is clearly the real year of the tablet mobile computing device. With that in mind, our cover story in this issue focuses on the top 5 tablets currently enjoying serious usage in the enterprise. We based our top five enterprise tablet choices on research conducted by our friends and partners at ChangeWave Research. It is no surprise to note that Apple's iPad (in all its iterations) rules the roost - and by such a wide margin that the other vendors hardly seem to be in the game at all.

This scenario is today's reality, but we strongly believe that Apple will not always be as dominant as it is today. In great part Apple struck first, and kept up its momentum by adding non-trivial additional value to each new iPad iteration - and has culminated this added value through the release of the new iPad with its unsurpassed retina quality display. More importantly, Apple has remained dominant by keeping the cost of every newly released version the same as the previous version, and lowering the price on the previous versions - this has delivered a formidable one-two punch the competition - including Samsung - hasn't come close to touching. Will Apple continue its torrid pace or will things level off? Check the story for our perspective.

Another side of mobility that continues to get lots of airplay is mobile device management. Enterprises typically conflate mobile device management with security - to some degree this makes sense. However, mobile device management is really more accurately a good first step towards full-fledged security. The ability to lock down devices is the right place to start, but managing mobile apps and their data follows close behind. As our MDM special feature suggests, the successful mobile enterprise will be the one that understands MDM is the beginning of the security journey and not the destination.



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