Enterprise Apps

5 Ways Enterprise Apps will Change in 2015

Mobile apps are at the heart of business transformation and businesses will need to invest in new mobile application development and deployment infrastructure to support the change.

Oracle Enhances Employee Engagement

Through one connection to an automated mobile messaging solution, the company sends 3.6 million SMS messages per month to 120,000 employees in 160 countries who are on 1,000 mobile service providers.

Enterprise Apps Need a Vetting Process

From testing to approval or rejection stages, The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) created a step by step guide to help ensure mobile app security.

Wearables Will Be Data Hogs

More users, connections and content will drive smart data traffic to near 100% of the global mobile data traffic by 2019.

Is it Time to Virtualize Your Smartphone?

Smartphones have become our gateway to work, play, social life, financial planning and healthcare, but they were not designed for this diversity and most users don't want to carry multiple devices.

App Economy Demands "Security-First"

In the hyper-connected world of people, devices and expanding ambient data, businesses must realize that security goes beyond protection.
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