Enterprise Apps

Mobility is Paying Off

Seeing ROI from mobile CRM and SFA, enterprises are now looking to develop apps that enable core processes as the next step in the mobile payoff.

What's the BlackBerry BuzZ10?

Now in stores, the availability of the first device on the BlackBerry 10 platform has led to further speculation on the company's future.

Going Past the Cloud

SpringCM enhances services, to help enterprises who want to move beyond simple storing and sharing of documents in the cloud.

U.S. Navy Battles PTSD with iPad

The advent of technology has allowed researchers to develop mobile apps to help treat diseases and disorders — such as PTSD — to help civilians and military members alike.

Accellion Extends Kitepoint

New capabilities allows users to access, edit and save content in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems and file shares located behind the corporate firewall, including SharePoint 2013 and Windows File Shares, without the need for a VPN.

What's Going On At Google?

Now at the helm of the Android division, Sundar Pichai, SVP of Chrome and Apps, may seek to integrate the leading smartphone OS with the browser-based OS he developed, making a new direction at Google.

Samsung Ships Knox; Gets Knocked

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is the first to feature the new enterprise-ready container solution; meanwhile, battles with Apple online and in court still rage.
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From Mobile First to Mobile Productivity

Logic would lead to the conclusion that utilizing a mobile first strategy—designing experiences for mobile devices and processes, with the mobile user in mind—would automatically lead to mobile productivity, but that is not the reality. Here are the critical things needed to take mobile productivity to the next level.