Enterprise Apps

Next Gen IT Preps for Mobile Battles

Lack of cyber security experts today prompts the Center for Internet Security to launch Cyber Teaching Hospital to train tomorrow's tech pros for cyber warfare.

Technology for Technicians

Work in the field gets more efficient, as devices become multi-functional and enterprise apps power workflow and collaboration.

Mobile Security: Filling the Gaps

Lost and stolen devices, policy, apps, connectivity — there are many threats to the enterprise and a multi-layered approach to security is needed to minimize hidden risks and fill in the gaps.

Cloud Productivity App Goes Mobile

KiteDesk's free service brings email messages, social media posts, contacts, files and calendar events from Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo together in a single app.

Enterprise Apps Are the New OS

What started as a few executives asking for policy exceptions for iPads has become a fundamental shift in the relationship between IT and the workforce they serve.

Samsung's Tablet Strategy

By taking you from consumption to creation on this form factor, Samsung aims to dominate the tablet market as it has dominated in smartphones.
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Must See


IoT 2020: How Inter-Connected Devices Will Impact the Enterprise

In realizing the vision of the IoT, we are in uncharted territory. It's happening so fast in so many separate pieces that managing and leveraging has escaped a majority of enterprises. This report provides a snapshot of the evolution of the IoT and examines what's to come to help you prepare for the impact—from the onslaught of technology and its unprecedented risk, to attaining the extraordinary value of innovative information.