Boosting the Field Sales Force

Mobility has changed field. It has resulted in access, which has led to process transformation and new efficiencies. Now it's time to think about enablement—boosting sales through the right content, delivered at the right time.

The New Age of BYO

Early attitudes towards BYOD in the enterprise paralleled early attitudes towards Internet access in the workplace 20 years ago (a block and control approach), but IT has arrived at that final step, fully embracing the arrival of personal devices in the enterprise. Now, BYOD reaches far beyond being limited to specific users and to specific use cases and is a win-win for IT and users.

Rugged Revealed

The case for enterprise-grade devices is clear, but as more consumer-grade smartphones and tablets (and hybrids) flood the market, some organizations succumb to the newest shiny thing syndrome, and forget their rugged roots. This usually comes at a price—so the case for rugged bears repeating.

Tablets in the Enterprise

Justifying the addition of another device to the mobile stack became a challenge as the popularity of tablets grew, along with the adaptability and appropriateness for the field. Now, there is no question. Tablets are here to stay and they are enabling the business more than ever.

The Connected Enterprise, The Connected Life

The Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, mobile devices —everything is becoming accessible to everything else, and everyone all the time. How can organizations leverage all this connectivity and get the right insights make better business decisions?

Mobile Application Development: Next Gen Solutions

More than ever, CIOs are thinking about what the mobile enterprise will look like in the long term, but the stakes are high now, and the road to mobility is not clear. How can they structure the chaos and transform their business? And create competitive advantage... the answer increasingly lies with enterprise apps.

Apps: Powering the Enterprise

It’s time to take mobile apps to the next level where they are part of the larger mobile strategy. That means addressing the full lifecycle — from the case to deployment and data analysis.

Enterprise Mobility Management: Planning for Today and Tomorrow

Call it MDM, MMS, EMM or any of a variety of other acronyms -- companies are increasingly understanding the need for a comprehensive solution that's capable not only of managing their mobile deployments, but also of optimizing those deployments and enabling their employees to perform while on the move in ways they never could before.
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