Simplify Your Mobile Device Expenses

— June 01, 2014

Understanding your mobile device spend can be difficult and you have more important challenges to think about than deciphering multiple invoices, understanding multiple carrier plans, and watching for billing errors.

Whether you manage corporate-provided devices or run a BYOD program, the ongoing activities required to keep your program running smoothly take up valuable internal resources. Many organizations are choosing to leverage available tools that take some of this administrative burden away.

Analyzing invoices, identifying billing errors, identifying zero-use devices, and managing assets can all be more effectively and efficiently handled by a management service like Runzheimer Mobile Device Services (MDS). The data analysis provided by MDS also makes it possible for your organization to get deeper visibility into your mobile spend and see real-time reports on cost and usage by user or by department. A simple monthly report that alerts you to possible plan optimizations can easily cut you carrier bills by up to 25% and your administration cost by 50% or more.

Tools are out there to help you simplify and optimize your mobile device program. Runzheimer International’s Mobile Device Service is a simple and scalable platform that empowers users to manage their own devices and plans and automates the management of assets, plans, invoice processing, reporting, and BYOD reimbursement.

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