Why Workers Need a Gadget Holiday

— August 25, 2014

Today's technology keeps us constantly and obsessively connected. In fact, many health professionals claim, we're so switched on that we can't ever switch off.

• Can you imagine a tech-free holiday?
• Do you check your work emails as you check in?
• Are you so connected that you just can't get away from it all?
• Does recharging your batteries mean you need to remember to pack your phone charger?

It is this need to be forever plugged in that can lead to burning out. Taking tech gadgets on holiday has a higher roaming charge than we imagine: the cost is to our mental and physical health. Research has identified the following benefits of a tech-free vacation:

• Stress reduction – being free from the connected world of technology allows us to reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones.
• Health improvements – this liberation leaves us relaxed, revitalized, refreshed and renewed.
• Productivity gains – leaving it all behind actually makes us more able to cope with what lies ahead, and we return to work with improved motivation, concentration and creativity.

It has also been shown that the effect of never leaving our gadgets behind achieves the exact opposite of what the technology is supposed to deliver:

• We begin to lose concentration—rather than always having our finger on the pulse.
• Our sleep patterns become disrupted—we lose, rather than take, control of our lives.
• We lose motivation—rather than finding ourselves eternally switched on.

What can businesses do to help?
Every business needs motivated, productive employees. That's a fact. The infographic shows just what steps you can take to achieve this – why you should encourage your workers to take tech-free vacations, and the benefits for all concerned. It includes ideal tech-free destinations and suggests ways your business can promote stimulating breaks rather than stultifying breakdowns. The benefits of vacations without the gadgets and gizmos are tangible and immediate.

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