The ROI of Mobile Productivity

Mobile devices deliver solutions that save time, create efficiencies and drive revenue. Here are technology-enabled productivity trends along with real results—at a glance.

The App Delivery Chasm

Nearly three quarters of IT departments aren’t equipped to handle the increasing business demand for custom applications.

Technology Time Machine

Here is a look at the popular devices that have advanced modern technology from 1876 to today.

5 Myths of Enterprise App Development

FeedHenry has identified 5 myths that many businesses still believe about building effective mobile apps in today's mobile-first world. Here is what the company discovered by examining internal customer data and industry RFPs from organizations with more than 1,000 employees.

Mobility Changes Education

As the rapid trend of innovation continues among smart devices, learning environments are also changing its form.

Why Workers Need a Gadget Holiday

Today's technology keeps us constantly and obsessively connected. In fact, many health professionals claim, we're so switched on that we can't ever switch off.

Most Heavily Used Mobile Apps

Research shows app adoption in industries that have historically heavily relied on paper forms and manual processes.

Simplify Your Mobile Device Expenses

Understanding your mobile device spend can be difficult and you have more important challenges to think about than deciphering multiple invoices, understanding multiple carrier plans, and watching for billing errors.

Supporting Your Mobile Workforce

IT organizations are inundated with the headaches that accompany supporting a mobile workforce. This Infographic highlights how the influx of devices impacts the helpdesk.

The Changing Role of IT

Global research shows 37% of technology budgets are now controlled outside of IT departments and 79% of C-level executives believe they can make better and faster decisions without the involvement of IT.

Protecting Smartphones and Tablets

Two thirds of mobile device owners would prefer to buy an insurance policy which includes advanced security features rather than a basic policy that just covers for damage, loss and theft.

Enterprise Mobility Landscape

In a recent Cisco survey conducted by Illuminas, 400 mid-market and enterprise IT decision makers in the U.S. were asked how their organizations are addressing mobility. How does your company stack up?

Mobile Disruption and Infrastructure

How is enterprise mobility is disrupting the IT landscape? Kinvey, a Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) platform provider, maps out the acquisitions and partnerships among “traditional” IT and cloud players as they catch up to the new demands of enterprise mobility, and showcases the rise of mobile-first companies.

Social Media Security

Post, tag, share, like — with over 1.2 billion active users, Facebook has become one of the most influential elements of the online experience. Although this and other social media sites are a great way for people to stay “connected” with friends and family, it also connects users and companies to security risks.

Cloud Adoption and Risk 2013

Skyhigh Networks, a cloud access security company, released the Cloud Adoption and Risk Report that analyzes not only the actual usage of cloud services but also the risks they present to organizations.



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