Wireless Broadband Innovation Locates and Tracks Radio Antennas

By PRESS RELEASE — February 13, 2009

Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems (BATS) has developed the software and hardware technology that allows broadband communication systems, either mobile or fixed, to search for and lock on to each other along with continuous tracking.

Ideal for mobile WiMAX, ship to shore, critical communications or extending existing networks, BATS' patent-pending directional antenna technology aims, finds and locks in on an access point in seconds without the use of a global positioning system (GPS) or coordinates.

"We've really taken wireless broadband to a whole new level because we can optimize a connection even if one or both of the systems are moving," said Lonnie Bentley, one of three Purdue University professors and researchers who founded BATS. "Additionally, time and resources are saved because manual adjusting or resetting is not required."

BATS antenna system consists of servo positioning units integrated, predictive search and tracking algorithms integrated with any wireless broadband system.

"Our technology has successfully supported and enhanced communications networks that utilize many of the global, market-leading wireless broadband manufacturer's equipment," said Bob Peterson, BATS chief executive officer. "Our software integration, along with the performance characteristics of the directional antenna, proprietary search pattern and predictive algorithms automatically locate, optimize and track a desired connection point."

Additional key benefits of BATS' antenna technology:

  • Provides significant cost savings with the elimination of man hours associated with manual redirection;
  • Allows for rapid deployment or extension of a wireless network;
  • Allows for moving vehicles on land, water and in air to access
  • critical broadband communications resources, i.e. data, voice and streaming  video;
  • Provides continuous optimization for maximum throughput.
Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems (BATS) provides a proprietary software and hardware platform that locates, locks and tracks wireless broadband communication access points. Our products are designed for quick deploy communications centers and mobile to fixed and mobile to mobile vehicle communications. BATS was founded by three information technology professors and researchers from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.


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