New Products for Mobile Workers -- December 2006

— December 01, 2006

An Easy Conversion
All it takes is a swivel to convert Gateway’s new M285-E from a notebook to
a Tablet PC. Equipped with Intel’s Core 2 Duo Processor and a 40GB hard drive, this convertible computer suits those who want the best of both worlds. The notebook has a 14-inch widescreen WXGA TFT active matrix display, a full-size keyboard and an EZ Pad pointing device. The stylus pen with Continuous Sensing Technology is designed to make writing on the tablet as fluid as writing on paper. Price: $1,449.

Card Smarts
The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader just got better. New software from Research In Motion allows the Smart Card Reader to utilize a Bluetooth connection and access a computer running Microsoft Windows XP. The reader can utilize embedded security credentials to provide authenticated access through Bluetooth to BlackBerry handsets and PCs. Users
insert the smarcard into the reader and give their login credentials on the “paired” PC or BlackBerry handset to gain access. Price: $200.

One Smart Phone
It’s called a smartphone for a reason: The Treo 680 from Palm uses Bluetooth technology to act as a wireless modem for connecting Bluetooth-enabled laptops to the Internet. Its touchscreen allows for quick Web access on the go and lets users download, view and edit Word and Excel files with just a few taps. The 680 also features 64 MB of available storage—which is nearly three times the memory of the original Treo 650. Now that’s smart. Price: TBD.


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