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By  Susan Nunziata — January 05, 2010

What's one secret to business success in a tough economic climate? Customer satisfaction.

In fact, customer satisfaction levels have emerged as an important metric by which enterprises are evaluating the return on their mobility investments. If a mobile deployment enables a business to enhance the service it provides to its customers, this can have direct impact on a company's bottom line. Ron Rayot of BioReference Laboratories sums it up in the case study on page 22: "The service rep is the face of my company. They see the customer every day."

As enterprises across a range of verticals are turning to mobility solutions as one way to keep their customers satisfied, we decided the time was right to explore how the Tier 1 U.S. wireless carriers are faring in keeping these enterprise customers satisfied.

To do so, we partnered with Yankee Group on an exclusive survey of decision-makers at large enterprises and small- to medium-sized businesses (see page 16). While carriers fared moderately well in overall satisfaction levels with their voice and data services, the survey shows that there are several key areas in which improvement is needed.

The report's author, Yankee Group's Eugene C. Signorni, notes: "As mobility becomes an increasingly strategic initiative among all businesses, decision makers will need to re-evaluate their deployment strategies from top to bottom. As wireless data connectivity and mobile applications continue to expand in importance for mobile workers, businesses will need to use new evaluation criteria to choose their key service provider partners. Business leaders should begin to use tools such as the wireless voice and data satisfaction indices highlighted above to benchmark wireless carriers across a wide range of key performance indicators."

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