Show & Tell: The Gadgets I Can't Live Without - July 2009

— July 02, 2009

Paul Caffery
Manager, Business Requirements, iPower, Public Service Electric & Gas
Paul Caffery handles business requirements for iPower, the new customer information system launched in 2009 by Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G). The Newark, NJ-based energy company serves 2.1 million electric customers and 1.7 million gas customers across 2,600 square miles. In his 30+ years with PSE&G, Paul has spearheaded numerous mobile and wireless initiatives. With the implementation of iPower in March, PSE&G sends out more than 2,000 mobiles everyday to respond to emergencies, complete construction work and manage 850 service technicians, all of whom work remotely from their homes.

On My Desk
Panasonic CF-W4 Toughbook
I have been using the CF-W4 for about five years now. It is incredibly versatile and meets all my business needs. It is especially good for traveling due its low weight.

Indispensible Travel Tool
Panasonic CF-W4 Toughbook
Whether for business or pleasure I always have it with me.  It gets to both personal and business email, keeps me connected with my son in college, and affords me access to the Internet.

Strictly Personal
Garmin GPS
It's used by all members of my family. It is especially helpful for my 17-year-old son who is just starting out driving

Strictly Business
BlackBerry 8330
As with most people nowadays, I have become very dedicated to my BlackBerry. It keeps me connected with the office no matter where I may be working.

Oldest Gadget
Original iPod Nano
I use it every day. It still is working fine and is very reliable. I constantly listen to music and I am never without it.


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