The Gadgets I Can't Live Without: Jeffrey Levine

— July 06, 2011

Jeffrey B. Levine
Director of IT, Power Home Remodeling Group
As director of IT for Power Home Remodeling Group, Jeff Levine manages the design, implementation, and operation of all technology platforms used by 900 employees and shared by seven offices throughout the North and Southeast. A disabled Navy veteran, retired rodeo rider, and motorcycle enthusiast, Jeff has most recently founded an exotic bird rescue group.

Fuelpak Fuel Management System
This computerized fuel management system allows me to customize the mapping of the fuel system on my motorcycle for optimum performance and fuel economy.

Strictly Personal

Allows me to watch movies, listen to music, store photos, browse the Internet, and use e-mail wherever I am.

Strictly Business
With the apps available now I can manage my networks from anywhere, allowing me to be more responsive to any issues that may arise.

MEW_macmini_0811.jpgOn My Desk
Mac mini

The utilities and applications built into the OS allow me to do most of my network management natively. Approximately 90% of what I need is built into the OS without having to search for and download applications.

MEW_iphone4_3_0811.jpgIndispensible Travel Tool
iPhone 4

With this device I am connected to the world wherever I am.

MEW_NikonD50_5_0811.jpgOldest Gadget
Nikon D50 DSLR camera

It still takes excellent photos.


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