The Gadgets I Can’t Live Without: Phil Jordan

— July 05, 2013

Phil Jordan

Group CIO, Telefónica

Phil Jordan is Group CIO at Telefónica and is a proven global IT leader in the communication and high tech industry. He has a successful leadership track record and is renowned for exploiting the value of IT in major global companies. In addition to his Group CIO responsibilities, he is also Chairman of Telefónica’s global technology company. He is a member of the board of directors for the TMForum and an independent advisor on IT to a major global banking and financial services company.

My Favorite App
My world is increasingly driven from my smartphone. The fun apps I tend to use and delete fairly frequently. As an Englishman living and working in Spain, Google Translate has helped me out of more confusing and difficult situations than any other app.

Wireless Connectivity
As someone not wired to get too stressed, one of the few things to make my heart beat faster is being out of cell coverage on my multitude of devices. Wireless connects me to family, friends, work, money, music, home, other devices, TV and eventually everything else!

John Deere Garden Tractor
Is there a greater pleasure for a man than to return to their home at the end of a long week and mount their John Deere Garden Tractor and make his garden look beautiful? After spending time with my wonderful wife and 3 children, I could be at my happiest cutting and combing my lawns to leave Wimbledon-esque stripes on my terrific garden tractor.

Sat Navigation (and especially on a motorbike)
I am afraid to say that I am a terrible driver — a chronic lack of patience, short attention span combined with a terrible sense of direction. Satellite Navigation has been critical for me for years, and now I cannot imagine a world without the comforting advice of my Sat Nav friend. As I rekindled my love of motorbikes over the last few years, I am a much more attentive and patient rider than driver. I have added the Sat Nav experience and now via Bluetooth, can also hear “my friend” inside my helmet.


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