The Waiting Change

By  Lori Castle — July 05, 2013

Something obvious about mobile technology occurred to me, as I sit in the post-op waiting area of my local hospital writing this. (A family member had an operation — all is well.) There is almost no such thing as “waiting” any more. Gone are the days of sitting looking at the clock, tapping your fingers — now fingers are tapping on the keyboard or the screen.  

In a case study from EMC2, Pat Zinno, Director of Infrastructure Services and Support for Atlantic Healthcare Systems said, “We leverage our infrastructure to enhance the patient experience. To lessen the disruption caused by a hospital stay, we provide patients and family members with free public wireless access.” Thanks Pat — I was able to keep up with work. Plus it’s a good distraction from the natural worry of these situations.

Speaking of connectivity, “In the Field”  on page 33 features the Sands Convention Center and you’ll learn how it keeps potentially tens of thousands of devices online during an event.

For a “Salary Snapshot,” (page 12) we conducted our annual survey. Flat seems to be the word for the last few years, but the good news is that mobile tech skills are in demand and short supply.  Phil Jordan, CIO of Telefónica, touches upon this a bit in our Q&A on page 8.

We really appreciate your participation in our surveys. Keep your eye out for another coming soon. We want to hear about the topics and formats that are most important to you. In the meantime, feedback is always welcome.


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