The Gadgets I Can’t Live Without: Andre Bromes, Senior Vice-President, CIO, Goodwill Industries

By Lori Castle, Editor in Chief — March 07, 2014

Andre Bromes

Senior Vice-President, CIO
Goodwill Industries

Andre has been the CIO for Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern, New Jersey Inc. since 2009. He oversees the organization’s technologies that impact everything from mission services that help people attain employment, the POS retail computer systems to e-commerce, security and app development, covering 43 retail locations, 70+ program locations and more than1,600 employees. His transformational leadership style helped promote the impact of IT as a strategic partner inside and outside the organization. His dedicated IT team supports the mission of Goodwill Industries, with an emphasis on empowering those with different abilities.

Nest Protect
Aside from the great safety features inherent to a device that is both a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector, what makes the ROI on this (somewhat expensive) device more realistic, is the connectivity to your smart device and the alerting capabilities. This truly gives you peace of mind and I think should be everyone’s first step into creating a smart home. Sure, having a thermostat that you can control remotely can be economical and having a security system that you can live stream to your phone is cool and offers some relief (albeit from paranoia). However, this gadget is great because worse than not having a smoke or carbon monoxide detector is having one that is untested or with dead or dying batteries. I have one set up and plan on setting more up in various locations where I want to know the status of the unit (fully functional or not) and be alerted if someone made “Cajun” toast or if there is a real concern.

Avast Mobile Security
No matter what I am doing on my Android — and I tend to do a lot on the run — I know my device and my data are always safe.  Avast gives me what I need, from antivirus protection, to warning me about websites that are infected to blocking calls and even locating my phone if lost.

iPad mini + Splashtop  App
This size tablet makes it a cinch to carry in an overcoat, and along with my favorite apps, it becomes a mobile office and multimedia device. The Splashtop app helps me go from content consumption to creation with a simple click connection. I use it professionally and personally to stream any application or any form of content from my PC, instantly and securely.

Controlling my electronic media on my TV from my smart devices and full control of the content I want to experience when I want — this is truly just that, an experience. It makes my pre-smart TV, smarter than any smart TV.


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