The Gadgets I Can’t Live Without: Tony Winston

— May 09, 2011

Tony Winston
Senior Manager Mobility Solutions, American Airlines

Tony Winston has more than 20 years of IT expertise in mobilizing technologies for enterprises. He directed the build-out of cellular network enhancements at 84 domestic AA locations, and currently directs the design and development of managed wireless strategy for Wi-Fi, fixed cellular, and 4G broadband.

Strictly Personal
Samsung Tab
I don’t have one gadget that I use just for personal use but my Samsung Tab gets more personal use than any. My music, games, and Facebook, Craigslist, and eBay apps are always on and only a touch away on my Samsung Tab.

TV, Samsung Tab
If I am not watching any sporting event I can find on my Vizio HD, then I am on the Internet. If I am on the Internet then my Samsung Tab is the device I use. My BlackBerry should be careful because my Tab seems to want to be everywhere I am these days.

Indispensable Travel Tool
Bose Noise Canceling Headphones
My Bose noise canceling headphones allow me to escape the rat race and give me relief from all the noise around me while I listen to clear and clean audio. Many times I just turn them on and use the quiet time to sleep, but there’s no noise, and that’s the point!

Oldest Gadget
The kids won’t let any of those old movies die, so we still get mileage out of that high-definition VCR.

On My Desk
My BlackBerry is my “everything device” and of course it does e-mail too. My music…on my BlackBerry, my camera…my BlackBerry, and all my mobile applications for Facebook, Google Voice, and Onebox are all on my BlackBerry.


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