The Gadgets I Can’t Live Without: Vijay Sammeta

— May 06, 2013

Vijay Sammeta

Chief Information Officer, City of San Jose

With over 20 years of experience in the public, private and non-profit high-tech industry, Vijay Sammeta is currently the Chief Information Officer for the 10th largest city in the United States. He is responsible for shaping San Jose, CA's direction for IT strategy, leading the IT Department of
approximately 100 employees and overseeing its annual $17 million operating budget. In his personal life, Vijay enjoys tackling home projects and volunteering in his community. Most recently, he helped a new homeless shelter open its doors by assisting in writing grants for technology, guiding construction of infrastructure and integrating the shelter into its new space.

The features most important to a true geek are battery life, battery life and more battery life. The RAZR MAXX HD lasts for days. In fact, I have gotten so lazy, I run out of juice because I forget to charge it. (I was lucky to get through a full day with my last three phones.) Both the still and video camera are incredibly sharp and I have pretty much forgotten where my digital camera even is.

Nexus 7 Tablet
The Google Nexus 7 is my remote control so I tuck my Roku out of sight and control my thermostat when I don’t want to get out of bed on cold mornings. Small enough for my pocket, it acts as the center of my social media universe and is generally the only computing device I use once I get home from work.

Panda-Board ES
With the Internet of Things in full swing, any geek or home hacker should have an open source development board to play around with. These handy little platforms can be used to raise awareness, automate life’s little problem or just geek out on.

Roku 2 XD
I spent years using satellite TV with a DVR but watching shows days later.  With my Roku 2 XD, a Hulu plus subscription and an over-the-air antenna, I am not missing a thing — except for paying $100s to a cable provider. I actually watch less TV and find myself far more productive. Not regretting it at all!

Nike+ SportWatch GPS
I really hate to admit gamification works, but when you can compare your average pace, distance and total miles run against your demographic and the entire Nike plus community, it really does kick in your competitive spirit. The Nike+ SportsWatch GPS also likes to remind  me when I get lazy with phrases like: “Wanna go running soon?”


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