May-June 2014

Cover Story:

Inside Mobility

Lori Castle, Editor in Chief

To better serve its customers, deliver improved mobility and collaboration to employees and reduce IT costs, American Fidelity Assurance implemented an all-wireless network in its new facility.   

Editor's Letter:

Hidden Risk From Lost Device

Lori Castle, Editor in Chief

A friend's child lost the family iPod. She figured it was gone, but other than the obvious cost of the device, it was no big deal, in the big picture—or was it?


Attack of the Apps

Lori Castle, Editor in Chief

The evolution of cyber threats has moved from the PC environment to the hands of near billions of mobile users. What’s the biggest threat?

Research and Reports:

The New Age of BYO

Jeff Goldman

Early attitudes towards BYOD in the enterprise paralleled early attitudes towards Internet access in the workplace 20 years ago (a block and control approach), but IT has arrived at that final step, fully embracing the arrival of personal devices in the enterprise. Now, BYOD reaches far beyond being limited to specific users and to specific use cases and is a win-win for IT and users.

Rugged Revealed


The case for enterprise-grade devices is clear, but as more consumer-grade smartphones and tablets (and hybrids) flood the market, some organizations succumb to the newest shiny thing syndrome, and forget their rugged roots. This usually comes at a price—so the case for rugged bears repeating.



Must See


Boosting the Field Sales Force

Mobility has changed field. It has resulted in access, which has led to process transformation and new efficiencies. Now it's time to think about enablement—boosting sales through the right content, delivered at the right time.