Straw Polls: iPhone 3G; Texting While Driving

— November 07, 2008

In the spirit of this election season, we here at Mobile Enterprise decided to hold our own straw polls about two issues that are resonating with our online readers. While these polls are by no means scientific, they
represent a valuable snapshot of enterprise viewpoints. For more on these topics, visit our website,

iPhone In The Enterprise
"God help us all." This is what one respondent to our iPhone straw poll had to say when revealing that his enterprise is considering the iPhone 3G. We raised the question as reports percolated about the connection difficulties that some iPhone 3G users are experiencing.

The upshot? Nearly two thirds of those polled (63.2%) say they're not considering iPhone for their enterprise. But everybody agrees on one point: it is an undeniably cool device.

To read the full report on our iPhone poll, click here.

Texting While Driving
The engineer operating a commuter train on L.A.'s Metrolink rail service may have been text-messaging in the moments prior to his train's collision with an oncoming freight train in September. The accident claimed 26 lives and injured 138 people.

Mobile enterprises have put mobile data devices in the hands of countless employees who are hurtling around the freeways in potentially deadly weapons of their own.

While enterprises put massive effort and money into creating security policies that protect their data, how many organizations have -- and enforce -- policies relating to the use of text messaging and email by employees while driving?

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To read the full report on our Texting While Driving poll, click here.


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