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By  Lori Castle, Editor in Chief — November 04, 2013

In my first 6 months as editor, I don’t recall hearing the word innovation often. There was mainly talk of access, connecting and managing right now. What I did hear over and over, and still do, is that mobility moves fast. To that end, a change has occurred. Innovation and thinking ahead has become a bigger part of the discussion lately, and this issue is all about what’s next.

The EMM supplement focuses on solutions that will support the future of mobile and “allow people to do things they fundamentally could not do before.”  In the annual Mobility Outlook, whose theme is “Laying the Foundation for Mobile Innovation,” author/analyst Chris Marsh said that 2014 will be when more companies make strides to affect mobility as a strategic business driver, plus start to measure a return.

The CIOs featured throughout 2013 provide an upcoming perspective in this month’s Q&A, and reflect the shift to mobile first, concluding: “CIOs should not be asking ‘what can mobile do for the business?’ but ‘how mobile can my business be?’”

Mobile technology has created a new everything in business: a new way to work, a new CIO, a new IT, a new kind of user who is making decisions and an imperative for a new mindset and action. In an online article “Boardroom Disrupted” we  interviewed business expert, change agent and celebrity Jeffrey Hayzlett.  When asked: “What do you say when someone says, ‘But that’s how we did it last year or that’s how we have always done it,’” his answer was, “Get ready to die.”

The mantra, “innovate or die,” attributed to many different originators, is aptly true with mobile, where you literally can’t do anything the same way. It’s complex, but exciting. We look forward to the next step in the transformation.  Happy New Year!


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