Tools of the Month November 2013

— November 04, 2013

This rugged IPX4-rated water resistant Bluetooth Speakers let users safely bring music outdoors. Priced at $49.90, SoundDew features built-in tough protective water and dirt resistant housing for use in indoor wet areas and for outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and beach activities.  Available in 4 colors.

Optimized for high-volume scanning/sorting applications, this Handheld device combines  2D scanning and inkjet printing. It prints directly on the objects being scanned, no labels required. It can also print on nearly any material, including cardboard, packing tape or glass.


Mojo Refuel
A removable battery case designed to protect the iPhone 5 and 5S from hard drops, water, dust and everyday use. The Refuel Armor includes one i9300 2200mAh interchangeable battery, and a black protective silicone sleeve. Comes with one micro-USB charging cable, and headphone adaptor. Retailing for $89.95.


Phone Soap
Most individuals wash their hands, but not their smartphones. Using UV light to eliminate bacteria, the PhoneSoap Charger cleans and sanitizes, while it charges. Also comes with acoustic outlets to alert users to notifications and alarms. Retailing for $49.95.


Tobii EyeMobile
A solution for hands-free access to Windows 8 tablets. Originally designed for those with physical and communication impairments, it gives users the ability to navigate, control and access apps through eye movement.


iOAuto Kits
Solution combines a ProClip USA mounting base with an iOmounts stand so users can mount phones and tablets in their vehicles.Portrait or landscape mode, and angle option available.


Trego Bag
Both an iPad case and portable workstation, this bag comes with a removable case that swivels, bends and folds, putting your iPad exactly where you want it, and then holding it there for you. Retailing for $79.


HP ZBook 14
With a thinner and lighter industrial design, HP’s new Ultrabook is an ISV-certified mobile workstation. It’s part of HP’s extended Z Family portfolio.

Apps Running the Enterprise

Sleep Cycle
Tired of waking up feeling exhausted? This iOS app uses the accelerometer in a smartphone to monitor end-user movement and determine which sleep phase he or she is in. The 30-minute alarm window ends at a set alarm time to wake the user in the lightest sleep phase.

Available for iOS and Android, this app by Biscom enables judges to securely expedite the approval of urgent court documents submitted by law enforcement agencies.

Project Clock
This app by CyberMatrix Corporation is a project time tracking and time billing program for iOS and Android mobile devices. Project Clock combines a start/stop work clock module with an hour entry module. Record start and end times of work periods and enter estimated hours spend on projects or tasks.

Gone are the days of sharing boring, static images on social media. With Momentage, an iOS app, images become interactive. Users can share collections and embed video and sound files.

Enterprise Jungle
Coming to Apple, Android and BlackBerry, this app finds the most relevant people to a user, inside and outside of the organization. The social discovery platform sits atop LinkedIn, and identifies individuals working on similar projects, sales leads, and knowledge sharing.


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