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— October 01, 2006

On Guard The WatchGuard Firebox X-1250e is part of the Firebox X Core e-Series, a line of multi-layered network devices that shield networks from viruses, spam and malware. The highest performing device in the series, the X-1250e can support up to 400 mobile user VPN tunnels and can be used by businesses with greater VPN needs or at remote access sites.
Price: Starts at $2,290. Hear No Evil

SafeGuard PDA version 4.11 is the first PDA and smartphone solution to protect both data and voice. The app combines the biometric signature recognition and encrypted data exchange of SafeGuard PDA with the voice protection of GSMK's CryptoPhone Security Profile Manager, which prevents important phone calls from being tapped. Additionally, SafeGuard prevents unauthorized data transfer between your device and memory cards via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
Price: Varies.

Key to the City

At just 2.6 by 1.4 by .5 inches, and weighing a mere .85 ounces, Privaris' plusID is a powerful biometric device that's small enough to keep on your keychain. To prove your identity and gain access to protected facilities, computers and networks, just swipe a finger over the fingerprint reader. Your print will be compared to pre-existing data in the device's secure BCM5890 processor before you are granted access. Rest assured, your fingerprint will remain securely stored and won't be transmitted.
Price: Starts at $100.

Shielded From Danger

The SMobile Security Shield is a comprehensive security package that protects your mobile device from damaging malware and viruses in several ways. The Shield includes VirusGuard, which protects against viruses and malware delivered via email, SMS, MMS, direct download, Bluetooth and more; PointGuard, which provides call and message filtering and blocking; and SMobile Firewall, which regulates incoming and outgoing traffic across GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, Wi-Fi and phone-to-PC networks and can protect your device from coming into contact with potentially harmful content.
Price: $39.99 for an annual license.

Neighborhood Watch

AirDefense Mobile 4.0 allows users to spot security breaches with any Windows 2000 or XP-enabled device. When used in conjunction with AirDefense Enterprise, Mobile 4.0 instantly detects any blips in security and enables network administrators to locate the rogue device. Also available with the Mobile 4.0 is a hardware kit that includes a wireless card and more.
Price: Starts at $1,295.

Security Upgrade

Part of Panasonic's new Business Rugged series, the Toughbook CF-W5 prevents hackers from stealing your data even if they've swiped your laptop.

Its Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 1.2 chip is embedded into the device's motherboard and locks the data so that the hard drive cannot be accessed, even if it is removed from your laptop. The CF-W5 also offers WLAN encryption, a reinforced cable lock slot and multiple levels of password protection, as well as an integrated DVD/CD-RW optical drive and a super-light weight of just 3.1 pounds.
Price: $1,899.

Take Your Data with You

Kanguru's Bio Slider is one powerful USB stick--despite its tiny size. With dimensions of 2.95 by 1 by 0.4 inches, the Bio Slider can protect up to 512 MB of data that can only be accessed with an exact match of a registered fingerprint. To access secure data, just insert the slider into your device's USB drive and swipe your finger across its biometric sensor. To speed up the verification process, the stick stores the authentication program and up to 10 fingerprints directly on the drive. The Bio Slider also has an optional password recovery, and can be used on any PC.
Price: Starts at $99.95.

No Fuss Security

Businesses deploying a PatchLink server can send end-users the latest patch updates, which will automatically install the next time the user turns on his or her mobile device. Administrators can decide which patches to deploy during off-hours, so as not to interrupt productivity, and multiple patches can be applied to multiple computers at once. PatchLink's newest offering, Version 6.3, deploys patches even faster to up to 50,000 endpoints.
Price: Starts at $1,495.


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