End of an Era

— October 23, 2007

It's now pretty well established that the Earth is suffering and our consumptive ways are to blame. The good news is, just about every action you can take to make your business more environmentally friendly is going to shake hands with your pocketbook as well.

More efficiently scheduling and dispatching your field force? More jobs get completed and more gas gets saved. RFID solutions that keep big rigs moving through check points instead of idling in line? Port and lot security are increased, visibility into asset management is heightened, the supply chain speeds up and air quality is improved. Reducing the number of servers in your campus data center? Sun Microsystems replaced 22 outdated servers with 11 new systems and saw energy savings of more than 90 percent (a boon to our natural resources and its energy bill).

And of course, as this month's cover story points out, more enlightened policies and improved data-wiping technologies are offering new options for addressing our mounting piles of mobile devices. (Brand new, they're "the future!" Eighteen months in - the average time, research shows, before a mobile user buys a new device - and they're a "e-waste.")

The halcyon days of embracing mobility with no thought to its effects beyond our own business objectives are over. It's time to wake up to the legacies our actions are leaving behind. So go ahead and profit; drive business efficiencies; continue to embrace mobility. But let's start doing these things in the truly smartest ways we know how.

This issue is close to my heart and has been a thrill to put together - perhaps even more so because it's my last as editor-in-chief. I'm moving on, but I'm leaving you in exceptionally competent hands. I'll leave it to the new editor to introduce herself to you here next month.

Be good.


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