Pet Peeves & True Confessions

By  Susan Nunziata — July 19, 2009

What Do You Do With Your Mobile Device?

While loud cellphone talkers in public annoy you the most, it's your second-rated breach of mobile device etiquette that is far more dangerous: texting/typing while driving.

Yet, nearly two-thirds of respondents to our informal Mobile Etiquette reader poll admit to engaging the latter behavior (thanks for your honesty, folks!).

You shared your pet peeves and true confessions about mobile device etiquette in our latest online reader poll. The 39 respondents to our poll provide a snapshot into what you consider to be the most egregious breaches of mobile etiquette.

Nearly half of respondents (45.9%) say their No. 1 pet peeve is "those who talk loudly on a wireless device while in public."

More than a third (35.1%) cite "those who text/type while driving" as their No. 1 peeve.

Only 16.2% are troubled by those who text/type during a business meeting or conference, while a mere 2.7% are bothered by those who text/type during a business meal.

Now for the true confessions part.

Which of the following behaviors have you personally engaged in during the past seven days?

 Texting/typing during a business meeting or conference  71.4%
 Texting/typing while driving  64.3%
 Texting/typing during a business meal  21.4%
 Talking loudly on a wireless device in public  17.9%
Note: percentages exceed 100% because multiple choices were allowed for each respondent.
Source: Mobile Enterprise Reader Poll: Mobile Etiquette, June 23-July19, 2009.

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