Mobile Application Management(MAM)

Apperian Launches Remote App Control Capability

As part of its Enterprise Mobile Management platform, new feature for iOS devices enables IT staff to troubleshoot any issue from afar with just a web browser – they get the control they need over the corporate data/apps without intruding on the user’s private data/apps.

Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Myths Busted

Companies stand to limit their mobile vision (and success!) if they buy into commonly cited fallacies around strategy and solutions. What are the trues and falses of moving ahead?

SAP Delivers Consumer-Style, Enterprise Apps

Employees want the same UX they get from personal apps in the ones they use at work, and “Fiori” embraces the user, with simplified HTML5 apps, designed to work seamlessly across devices.

SAP Offers Mobile Secure Portfolio

Designed to unify security and management of devices, apps and content, the cloud -based offering, powered by Amazon Web services, provides Mobile Device Management with enterprise-grade security.

Stay Ahead of BYOD

Take these three steps towards mobile security among device chaos.

Tablets Take Over

PCs are not just down, they are disappearing as both a consumer choice and as a corporate option. Tablets are officially taking over, but what are they really doing in the enterprise?
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Must See


Mobile Risk: Security Is Not a Game

IDC predicts 2 billion mobile devices will be shipped by 2017, while Gartner expects a 26 billion Internet of Things installed base (excluding smartphones and tablets) by 2020. With more devices, more machines, more connectivity comes more risk.