Mobility Strategy

T-Mobile Takes Over the World

The “Uncarrier” unleashed an unbelievable plan to upend the industry and continue its strategy to address pain points of customers, while inflicting disproportionate pain to competitors.

Cloud is the New Wild West

Moving ever westward, the American Frontier attracted entrepreneurs and settlers as well as bandits and outlaws. The rapid adoption of the cloud is similar: the opportunities are exponential, but so are the risks.

A Terminal Client for iPad

Attachmate’s new app – the Verastream Terminal Client - allows users to access mainframes directly from their iPad.

Finding Flaws in iOS 7

Center for Internet Security releases configuration guidelines to help enterprises and end-users establish a “secure configuration posture” for iOS 7.0.2.

Practice Safe SaaS

Egnyte delivers a file-sharing platform for those files too sensitive for the cloud, the kind of files that can get an employee fired.

Top 10 Headlines of Q3

If you want to know what’s running the enterprise today, just take a look at the most popular articles from the last quarter.  It’s all about tablets and apps.

The Future of Google Glass

When innovation appears, it’s usually followed by novel and interesting ideas, versus something that adds real measurable value.  The hard part is figuring out the potential and what will stick in a business setting.
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Must See


Boosting the Field Sales Force

Mobility has changed field. It has resulted in access, which has led to process transformation and new efficiencies. Now it's time to think about enablement—boosting sales through the right content, delivered at the right time.