The Mobilizer Awards honor public and private enterprises across all industries — including governThe Mobilizer Awards recognize the following mobile deployment categories. There will also be a special award given for INNOVATION. All submissions are eligible. NO extra information or separate entry is needed.

Mobilizing Business Applications

Developing mobile access to critical legacy business applications or the creation of new mobile applications, that increase worker output and efficiency due to their mobile nature, and that deliver competitive advantages.

Mobile Device Management Implementation

Deployments regarding securing, monitoring, managing, and supporting mobile devices across the enterprise to optimize the functionality and security of your mobile communications network, all while minimizing cost and downtime.

Enterprise-Wide Mobility Deployment

Deployment of mobile technology across an entire enterprise. Wireless deployments should optimize the efficiency of employees through better mobile connectivity within the four walls or across the entire campus of your enterprise. Mobile device deployments across the enterprise should optimize the efficiency of employees inside or outside the four walls.

Field Service

Deployments that optimize processes and mobilize data outside your company’s four walls, in the field.



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