Capriza is Cool

EMM provider is one of four companies chosen by Gartner for 2014 list.

FedEx Enables Printing On the Go

4/24/2014 The latest addition to FedEx’s mobile technology portfolio provides a new mobile printing solution for business professionals.

Wearables at Work

4/22/2014 It’s still early days for wearable tech, but forward-thinking enterprises are already contemplating the pros and cons, even if mass enterprise deployments may be a few years away.

Is Your Mobile Heart Bleeding?

4/22/2014 The latest cyber attack left even the most “secure” sites, solutions and devices vulnerable, as end users, enterprises and providers scrambled for a fix.

4 Steps to Minimize Distracted Driving

4/21/2014 It’s a growing pressure for workers to stay constantly connected, but texting takes a driver’s eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, according to Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. At 55 mph this is equivalent of driving the length of a football field with eyes closed.

Rugged Phone Cases Go Mainstream

4/21/2014 Used by military personnel, first responders and outdoor experts, new rugged cases from Pelican Products are available for iPhone 5/5s and Galaxy S 5.

Mobile Industry on the Move April 19

4/19/2014 Another big acquisition, along with investments in emerging technology and earnings reports—here's the mobile happenings from last week.

A Commitment but No Kill Switch

4/17/2014 Security that will enable users to wipe and disable mobile devices is on its way, but stops short at being the automatic solution many lawmakers want.



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Tablets in the Enterprise

Justifying the addition of another device to the mobile stack became a challenge as the popularity of tablets grew, along with the adaptability and appropriateness for the field. Now, there is no question. Tablets are here to stay and they are enabling the business more than ever.