Good Adds Security to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

New app addresses the needs of sales and IT, providing the security controls necessary to protect customer and financial data.

Mobile Devices are Wrecking Our Spines

3/24/2015 Theories of evolution vary as to how many millions of years ago man began walking upright, but in the day of mobile technology, it's taken less than a decade for the weight of the head, while hunching over devices, to begin affecting (among other physiology) posture.

9 Threats on the 2017 Threat Horizon

3/24/2015 Senior business managers, information security professionals and other key organizational stakeholders beware—within two years, nine emergent threats will make cybersecurity challenges way more difficult.



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From Mobile First to Mobile Productivity

Logic would lead to the conclusion that utilizing a mobile first strategy—designing experiences for mobile devices and processes, with the mobile user in mind—would automatically lead to mobile productivity, but that is not the reality. Here are the critical things needed to take mobile productivity to the next level.