Android Welcomes Microsoft Office; iOS Outlook

Office has further expanded to the "cloud-first, mobile-first" world to include more functionality on non-Windows devices.

EMM for Beginners

1/30/2015 New cross-platform solution from Good is designed to support organizations getting started with mobile business initiatives.

AstraZeneca Chooses Box

1/28/2015 Bio-pharmaceutical company provides 51,000 employees with secure mobile access to information.

Nadella's Honeymoon is Over

1/27/2015 Earnings for FY15 Q2 were as expected, but the Street has reacted negatively, despite CEO Satya Nadella noting milestones in device, cloud and enterprise offerings, as well as his claim of progress in the company's "product and business transformation."

IoT Security is Not One-Dimensional

1/27/2015 Every time you see the word "software" substitute "vulnerable or hackable" and every time you see "connected" substitute "exposed" and you will realize that with the IoT, every...thing is a risk.

Toughbook Gets Tougher

1/27/2015 This updated rugged device now provides 18 hours of standard battery life—27 hours with an optional second battery, better connectivity and overall performance.



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IoT 2020: How Inter-Connected Devices Will Impact the Enterprise

In realizing the vision of the IoT, we are in uncharted territory. It's happening so fast in so many separate pieces that managing and leveraging has escaped a majority of enterprises. This report provides a snapshot of the evolution of the IoT and examines what's to come to help you prepare for the impact—from the onslaught of technology and its unprecedented risk, to attaining the extraordinary value of innovative information.