Samsung Tablets are Saving Lives

Wireless transmission of ultrasound images from ambulance allows faster, more informed treatment of critical trauma patients.

Blurred Lines of BYOD

10/22/2014 Employees are using personal devices for work and play—with or without company permission.

It's Getting Cloudier at Microsoft

10/22/2014 CEO Satya Nadella outlined how the company is using Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics to deliver a complete cloud—for every business and industry.

Apple Is Working on Unimaginable Things

10/21/2014 Apple is selling everything—but tablets—with another record year on the books, and has, according to Tim Cook, enough ideas and capabilities to change the world again.

A Sweet New Nexus 6

10/21/2014 Motorola's latest smartphone is big, waterproof and runs on the Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Who Owns BYO Data?

10/20/2014 If an employee is using a personal device for work and there is data relevant to a legal case, it's the enterprise's duty to preserve the data and produce it if litigation progresses to discovery.

It's Time to Kill Passwords

10/20/2014 Passwords are inefficient, costly and annoying—most users would rather have to listen to The Macarena on their phone for a year than manage them.



Must See


Mobile Risk: Security Is Not a Game

IDC predicts 2 billion mobile devices will be shipped by 2017, while Gartner expects a 26 billion Internet of Things installed base (excluding smartphones and tablets) by 2020. With more devices, more machines, more connectivity comes more risk.