10 Things You Need to Know About Geolocation

Mobile Enterprise's sister publication RIS News took a look at geolocation from that industry's perspective, but there are lessons here that go across verticals.

Apple Watch App Wave is Rolling

4/21/2015 The countdown to Watch delivery has begun. On April 24, users will have a chance to own the "most personal device" Apple has ever made, but a smart device really isn't that smart without the apps.

Android Tablets Topping Olive Garden Tables

4/20/2015 New devices from Ziosk will benefit both guests and servers, enabling the restaurants' team members to make more meaningful connections and provide more personalized service.

Boston Medical Center Unwires Care

4/20/2015 Largest safety-net Hospital in New England upgrades to 802.11ac across four-city block campus and connects physicians, staff, patients and visitors through mobile app platform.

The State of Data Breaches in 2015

4/20/2015 It takes companies days or even months to discover a data breach, yet it only takes an attacker seconds to compromise systems and minutes to steal information.



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Logic would lead to the conclusion that utilizing a mobile first strategy—designing experiences for mobile devices and processes, with the mobile user in mind—would automatically lead to mobile productivity, but that is not the reality. Here are the critical things needed to take mobile productivity to the next level.