GUESS App Disrupts Store Operations

By Lori Castle, Editor-in-Chief — February 03, 2014

The only thing speculative about the way GUESS runs its business might be in the literal meaning of its name. Otherwise, according to a testimonial from Michael Relich, COO of GUESS Inc., there is no other retailer that has an app as comprehensive as theirs. The company operates in 60 countries, with 1,500 stores, and different markets mean different competitors. “The only way to beat that competition is with data,” he said.

In fact, the company is long known for its ability to maximize business intelligence (BI), and just as it is a trendsetter in fashion, GUESS is a leader in enterprise mobility. Bruce Yen, Director of Business Intelligence, presenting  at the 2012 Mobile Enterprise Executive Summit, talked about the company’s holistic approach to mobility, which, even then, had moved beyond just anytime, anywhere information access by looking through the entire workflow.

For Employees
At that time, he said that the result of this approach was actionable insight, empowering employees in the office, the field and the store. Now, the company is delivering this insight via the GMobile app utilizing a platform from MicroStrategy. Relich said, “MicroStrategy really invested in mobile and through that we were able to leverage our entire BI infrastructure and put mobile on top of it.”

The app is full of content and features 15 dashboards. According to Yen, “It’s the most data rich app we have ever put together.”

Merchandisers, for example, are using it when they work with the buyers. They can easily pull up information on best sellers and not just see the data, but look at images of the product. 

Sales data for the store is also available enabling managers to quickly analyze performance. Relich said, “Walking into any store, I can say, ‘hey you haven't made goal - what's up with that’ and people are amazed that I have that information at my fingertips.”

Yen commented, “This app is disruptive in a great way—it not only changes the way they access information, it changes the way they think about it."

For Customers
GUESS also recently launched a customer facing app, backed by loads of data and intelligence, which is available simultaneously on iOS and Android devices. The app is intended to provide greater convenience, better customer service, more information and fashion inspiration and a seamless omni-channel shopping experience that blurs the line between in-store and online shopping.  It merges social loyalty with traditional loyalty by rewarding brand ambassador customers for extending GUESS campaigns and promotions through their social networks.

The app can be connected to the customer’s GUESS List account so they don’t have to carry around a card. Points, rewards and receipts can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Plus, using geo-fencing and deep data analytics, customized offers are presented along with event invites and exclusive content.

Marketing Insight
The overall idea behind this app is that it will enable GUESS marketers to forge a closer relationship between the brand and its customers. They can cross-sell and upsell products based on previous purchases or promotion responses.

“Our new GUESS app will allow us to engage with our customers in a highly interactive and personalized fashion,” said Relich, in a release. “Our goal is provide our customers with something they will love to use because it is so convenient, easy, feature-rich, and stylish.  At the same time, we wanted to provide our customer relationship team with a wide range of analytic and promotion capabilities to create an immersive and personalized experience.  eCommerce and mobile commerce has become a vital part of the GUESS business, and we are very confident that our Alert app will help us to fuel future growth in this area.”

“Alert” is a mobile app platform from MicroStrategy as well, and enables retailers to rapidly generate their own branded mobile apps with the latest consumer and marketing features. It is backed by the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform.


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