Fiberlink Solution Helps FRA Save 100,000 Dollars

— June 08, 2011

Fiberlink, the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) company, announced that the United States Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is leveraging MaaS360 to accurately and seamlessly track and manage its mobile computing assets. The FRA is responsible for supporting all mobile devices used by their railroad inspectors and regional office personnel across the U.S. Based on its initial success, FRA expanded the program to include its State Inspector Program along with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Before adopting MaaS360, the FRA struggled to roll out operating system (OS) patches and updates in a timely way, and could not easily generate a clear picture of all its mobile technology deployments. Without timely and accurate visibility of patch management, connectivity, hardware, software and IT, asset tracking was a headache. With MaaS360, the FRA quickly and easily receives detailed information about each device, such as which operating system and software patch updates are missing, and deploys them without disrupting the user’s productivity.

In just one instance, MaaS360 reported that a quantity of laptops marked for refresh were actually in good working order, saving the U.S. government $100,000. In addition, FISMA data calls that previously involved nine or more IT staff members are now handled in minutes by one person, providing the FRA with significant cost savings each day.
“MaaS360 is a lifeline. We can finally manage our users and systems rather than them managing us,” says Steven Weinacht, field IT operations manager for the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). “With two-thirds of our workforce set up as full-time remote teleworkers, it was extremely challenging to support them in several critical areas, such as patch management, asset management and bandwidth management. MaaS360 has enabled us to address all of these problem areas while moving from a reactive to proactive approach with minimal cost and effort.”
Using MaaS360, the FRA and FMCSA have quickly, easily and cost effectively met the United States Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) “Cloud First” policy well ahead of the required completion date. MaaS360’s true SaaS approach enables government agencies the fastest time-to-value in addressing the government’s cloud migration initiative, the goals of which are to increase efficiency and reduce federal operating costs. Fiberlink’s MaaS360 is already used by hundreds of enterprises and government agencies globally to manage and secure more than one million devices.
“Several federal agencies have turned to MaaS360 for enterprise device management that streamlines operations and saves money in these tight financial times,” says Jeff Ward, vice president of public sector at Fiberlink.

“MaaS360’s true cloud-based platform enables the FRA, FMCSA and several other agencies to manage the full array of mobile devices--from laptops and desktops to iPads and Androids--instantly delivering comprehensive mobile device management capabilities from a single platform,” he adds.
A free 30-day evaluation of MaaS360 with support for the Android, iPad and iPhone can be accessed from


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