10 Takes on BYO

By Lori Castle, Editor in Chief — July 22, 2014

BYO just keeps expanding. What started off with smartphones, moved to tablets and apps; wearables are next and the rest is untold. There are many options, approaches, solutions, benefits and risks. Here are 10 takes to clear things up or confuse you more.

Think about it like this: CYOD is BYOD with a support plan. Is this the win-win businesses have been looking for?

2. BYOD in Record Time
With just a few hours prep by IT, SIHO Insurance Services deployed a secure solution that lets employees enroll devices in minutes.

3. The New Age of BYO
Early attitudes towards BYOD in the enterprise paralleled early attitudes towards Internet access in the workplace 20 years ago (a block and control approach), but IT has arrived at that final step, fully embracing the arrival of personal devices in the enterprise. Now, BYOD reaches far beyond being limited to specific users and to specific use cases and is a win-win for IT and users.

4. Managing the Costs of BYOD
Even when mobile phones were corporate-issued only, implementing best practices and managing associated expenses was a huge challenge. Now add in BYOD and it's even more critical to for companies to take control.  How can the enterprise manage mobile expenses in a mixed environment with a global workforce?

5. BYOD Security, Who Cares?
One quarter of business users admit to security issues on their phone, but only a small percentage tell their employers.

6. BYOD Helps Restaurants Improve Operations
Texas Roadhouse was seeking a way to facilitate employee communications to inform teams around the country about the company's processes, local marketing campaigns and customer service.

7. It's Not BYOD or CYOD but CYOE
Moving beyond control and choice, mobile is all about the experience.

8. Employees and Employers Create Mobile Risk
Nearly one-quarter of companies allow corporate data access with no security at all.

9. Get Beyond BYOD, Seriously
The next, and biggest, challenge presents itself: how to keep these devices connected and provide a seamless and productive working experience while they’re on the network.

10. 5 Steps to Managing the BYOD Network
BYOD programs can deliver productivity and employee satisfaction, but can come at a price in network performance.


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