10 Top CIO Stories

By Lori Castle, Editor in Chief — May 26, 2014

CIOs' jobs were complicated from the beginning, but throw in mobile, business expectations and unprecedented enterprise security concerns...how do they manage?  Hear first-hand from top CIOs as we take a look back at 10 stories featuring these leaders.

  1. American Airlines CIO On Consumerization
    Featuring Maya Liebman: She  drove the company's move from limited devices with limited functionality, to today’s top tablets to mobilizes its workforce.
  2. Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated Talks Mobile
    Onyeka Nchege, CIO, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated, explains how he achieved one mobility across many functions and shares the new ways he is leveraging mobile.
  3. The Year Ahead
    Featuring Leon Kappelman, Primary Investigator, IT Trends Study at Society for Information Management; Steve Durbin, Global Vice President, Information Security Forum: In 2014, security risks escalate, the CIO's role shifts and mobile complexity continues.
  4. NFL Unwired
    Featuring Michelle McKenna-Doyle, the first ever CIO in the NFL's existence: The role was born from the explosion of mobile technology, which has not only provided the chance to improve how employees in the office and on the field, but also resulted in a record demand from fans for connectivity and content.
  5. CIOs Talk Mobile Strategy
    Featuring Rear Admiral Robert Day, CIO of the U.S. Coast Guard; Global CIO of Readers Digest Association (RDA) Joe Held; Phil Jordan, Group CIO of Telefónica; Karen Austin, Senior Vice President and CIO at Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E): In this CIO roundtable, we asked the leaders featured in past issues this year to look back on the important developments and to look ahead to what will be important to them in 2014.
  6. ATF Delivers Secure Apps
    Featuring Dr. Rick Holgate, CIO, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF): As a Federal law enforcement agency focused on combating violent crime and regulating the firearms and explosives industries, the ATF is a highly mobile organization and has moved to adopting emerging commercial technologies to support its mission.
  7. Developing Culture of Mobility
    Featuring Dean Doige, CIO at Clark Builders, and member of the National Board of the CIO Association of Canada: He talks about out how he utilized mobile technology to enable workers in the field and about his ongoing enterprise-wide strategy.
  8. Kansas Highway Patrol Drives Digital
    Featuring Mark Thurman, CIO, Kansas Highway Patrol: This agency ditches the paper-based forms and implements a solution that connects hundreds of agencies across the state.
  9. Seeking Mobile Nirvana
    Featuring Brendan O'Malley, Chief Information Officer, NSM Insurance Group; Pat Smith, VP and CIO, Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe, Inc.; Kevin Baradet, Chief Technology Officer, SC Johnson Graduate School; Greg Lush, Senior Vice President, Learning, Quality, Innovation, ABM; Don King, INF Solutions Engineer, Kimberly-Clark Corporation: Holistic, strategic, “mobile first”— is this the enterprise mobility  version of Nirvana? Maybe. What it’s not, just yet, is reality. Here are some actual initiatives, challenges and trends that reflect a range of maturity across verticals.
  10. GUESS App Disrupts Store Operations
    Featuring Michael Relich, COO of GUESS Inc.:  With 15 dashboards at their fingertips through the GMobile app, GUESS employees are armed with actionable data. The company also launched a new customer-facing app  backed by deep analytics.
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