2012 Best In Mobile Device Management

— November 09, 2012

American Airlines
Ease of management through remote access provides needed agility.

American Airlines uses a wide variety of mobile devices, based on the specific needs of individual workgroups. Mobile apps include bag scanning/aircraft load and balance finalization, driver information on routings, flight information for baggage carts, lost or misrouted bag tracking, cargo warehouse freight location tracking, airport agent customer assistance and dynamic manning.

In the past, individual business areas or their service providers wrote custom deployment software and lockdown security as part of the app.

This was very expensive, provided no remote management capability and was generally ineffective for mobile device management (MDM).

To address these issues, the airline wanted to introduce a comprehensive MDM solution with easy-to-use management consoles, multi-platform support, efficient deployment of software, comprehensive and quick remote help desk support and secure device lockdown.

American elected SOTI MobiControl, first in the airport services division, then in the cargo division. Other specific products in the deployment include Motorola MC9063S, MC9063K, MC75, MC95 and ES400; Roper Rugged Handheld Tablet and Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1.

Currently, SOTI MobiControl manages 4,000 devices and the airline plans to deploy thousands more. “Our employee development and operational support communities are thrilled with the remote capabilities that SOTI offers,” reports Kimberly Jackson, senior manager, enterprise mobility and wireless solutions. “The ease of managing the devices is certainly a value-add.”

Results include enhanced overall productivity and efficiency. American’s field support team has been able to access devices remotely and fix any issues within minutes, reducing downtime.

“We are an extremely agile organization with demands that require either a competitive response to a business problem or an urgent need to resolve an operational issue,” she says.

The high cost associated with writing custom deployment software has been eliminated.

The field support team can now easily manage, support and secure the airline’s mobile devices through an intuitive web console. “As the person responsible for ensuring that our mobile devices are in compliance with our IT security and wireless policies, the ability to manage the administration of these policies is absolutely a benefit,” says Jackson.

ROI was realized just a few months into the deployment and continues to increase with time.

Austin Convention Center

Configuration, enrollment and profile push
is accomplished through one dashboard.

The Austin (Texas) Convention Center is a gigabit-rated building that offers complimentary wireless Internet access and continues to bring a new standard for high-tech capabilities and services in meeting facility business.

The Center recently “upped the ante” in the technical convention industry by installing a communication infrastructure capable of moving voice, video and data at one billion bits per second. The Center selected AirWatch as the vendor and currently utilizes the iPad 1 16GB WiFi, the iPad 2 16BG WiFi, and iOS 5.

Prior to introducing the AirWatch technology, the Center had to manually configure devices with minimal settings and security. As a result, it had no way of reporting on a current list of devices in the field. In addition, the Center had no visibility on device locations, so there was little chance of recovering devices if they were stolen.

With AirWatch in place, the Center is able to deploy devices with standardized settings over the air (SaaS) and get application inventory in real time through a customized dashboard. “The most significant benefit we received from our MDM deployment has been the ability to manage mobile devices in much the same way as we have our desktop PCs,” reports Jeff Moore, database administrator. “Being able to configure a device, enroll and push profiles over the air that restrict access to non-business-related apps, and perform hardware and software inventory have been invaluable to the success of our mobile technology projects.”


Standard Bank South Africa
Access time is reduced by more than 300%; costs cut for opening and maintaining accounts.

Standard Bank South Africa was seeking a solution to mobilize access to account information and banking services.

As a financial institution handling sensitive identity information and large transactions, the bank needed a solution that would safely facilitate operations and access to customer information via mobile devices. It wanted to improve services related to account origination, account servicing and person-to-person payments.

The bank implemented a program with SAP Africa and the unwired platform for its comprehensive and secure approach to mobile device management (MDM) and worked with Sybase and Accenture on the deployment.

As a result of the deployment, Standard Bank has reduced account access time by more than 300%. Account origination time was reduced from 28 minutes to 12 minutes, and eventually eight minutes. The company reduced the cost for opening and maintaining accounts and was able to exceed legacy sales volumes within eight weeks after deployment.


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