3M Launches Fourfold Mobile Solution for Doctors

— May 16, 2011

New mobile technology introduced by 3M makes it easy for physicians to manage their daily schedule, review patient information, dictate progress notes, and log accurate charges all on a single mobile device in the palm of their hand.

Simple to use, but with advanced time-saving features, 3M Mobile Physician Solution provides instant access to critical patient information any time and from any location. Available on the iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile devices, 3M Mobile Physician transforms the day-to-day work life of the physician, making it more efficient so that physicians can focus on patient care instead of paperwork.

3M Mobile Physician Solution offers a complete suite of mobile software applications, including Mobile Patient Lists, Mobile Rounds, Mobile Dictation, and Mobile Charge Capture. It is the healthcare industry’s first mobile solution to offer comprehensive intelligent coding advice to physicians as they capture and record professional fees.

Built on 3M coding and reimbursement technology used by more than 5,000 healthcare facilities worldwide, 3M Mobile Charge Capture with physician advice notifies physicians of potential missing or lost charges, improving the accuracy of claims and helping physicians receive full reimbursement for their services.
“This technology is extremely intuitive and easy to use,” says Michael Cowan, MD, neurosurgeon with Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates in Charlotte, N.C., a pilot site for the new software. “It definitely allows me to spend time with the patient, listen to the patient, and take care of my patient the way I need to without being tied down with paperwork and charting.”
According to recent reports, American physicians spend nearly eight hours per week on paperwork and employ 1.66 clerical workers per doctor to manage administrative tasks.i Additionally, the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) reports that an average 2.78 claims per full-time physician are denied each week due to insufficient information.ii

“With 3M Mobile Physician, physicians now have full control over their work day,” says JaeLynn Williams, senior vice president for 3M Health Information Systems. “Increased efficiency and convenience drives physician satisfaction, which is a primary concern for healthcare organizations in this era of rising costs, regulatory change, and payment reform.”
3M Mobile Physician Solution offers four main modules in a powerful all-in-one tool:
  • 3M Mobile Patient Lists
    Real-time access to patient lists helps physicians plan and organize their day while on the go. Customization features make it easy to sort patient lists by location, by appointment date, by hospital census, or if rounding for another doctor, by that physician’s patients.
  • 3M Mobile Rounds
    Physicians can view patient medications, allergies, vitals, and other critical data during hospital rounds, before a clinic visit, or in a consult with another physician. Lab test results and other findings are available in real time on their mobile device, reducing physician wait time and making it possible to initiate treatment plans immediately.
  • 3M Mobile Dictation
    A simple click on a quick-launch icon brings up 3M Mobile Dictation, allowing physicians to record and transmit dictated progress notes to the facility’s dictation and speech recognition systems. Physician voice files are automatically linked to the correct patient, eliminating the need to enter patient identifier numbers, which reduces errors and promotes faster transcription turnaround time.
  • 3M Mobile Charge Capture
    Physicians can capture professional fee charges for any patient encounter by selecting and pairing the correct billing codes with the appropriate diagnosis or procedure. 3M coding advice alerts physicians to missing or incomplete information, reducing claim denials and promoting accurate reimbursement.
3M Mobile Physician Solution keeps patient data secure through the use of advanced encryption technology and a full range of security features that meet HIPAA requirements and hospital-specific security guidelines. 3M Mobile Physician Solution is delivered on the IQMax mHealth Communications Platform, designed to facilitate real-time communications on industry-leading technology that is highly scalable and easily implemented. The 3M solution is fully integrated with hospital and physician practice management systems to provide instant access to patient information stored in the patient’s electronic health record.
More information about 3M Mobile Physician Solution is available by calling 800-367-2447 or visiting www.3Mhis.com/mobilephysician.


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