A ‘Divide-d’ Google Takes on BYOD

By Lori Castle, Editor in Chief — May 22, 2014

In a brief and bright graphic on its homepage, Divide announced that it is “joining” Google. The company states that it was founded with a simple mission: “Give people the best mobile experience at work.” Google is acquiring Divide for an undisclosed price.

The solution is meant to enable corporate policies and securities around BYOD. The “flagship platform” combines cloud-based management with device-level technology to ensure enterprise security and control in conjunction with personal privacy. The workspace container literally divides work and personal on both iOS and Android devices.

Forrester Senior Analyst Tyler Shields views the acquisition as a “shakeup” to the mobile security industry. “The big question is what is Google going to do now that it owns a technology leading containerization play?” he blogged.

The answer, according to Shields, is that Google will embed the solution into the Android operating system. “…containerization in Android will help the entire Android ecosystem shed the market perception of a technology that isn't quite yet enterprise appropriate.”

What about Samsung’s KNOX—the market leader in Android devices answer to security? What about other mobile solution providers?

Shields said, “All enterprises and vendors in the mobile security space should reconsider their future purchases and road maps based on this acquisition. Even if you are creating or buying mobile security technologies that don't play at the application layer, mobile security technologies are inseparably intertwined and this acquisition will have ripple effects that must be considered.”

By the way, the Divide solution also contains iOS, does this mean that Google will be competing for overall mobile security? The market is changing fast and providers are opening up and partnering like never before, anything goes at this point.

More Security
To boot, The Official Google blog of May 21, posted by Product Manager for Google Enterprise, Clayton Jones gives more proof of a wider enterprise play.

He wrote about new features to Google Apps Mobile Management for Android. The post says that the enhancements will help organizations perform an inactive account wipe. It provides support for EAP based Wi-Fi Networks, offers compromised device detection and new reporting fields.

It also speaks directly to IT. “Bring your own device (BYOD) is no longer just a trend—it’s how business gets done. With thousands of mobile applications to choose from and an increasing number of websites optimized for mobile, today’s employees can work whenever and wherever they choose. It also means IT organizations now have the dual challenge of both helping employees be more productive and protecting corporate data.”


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