A New ERA For Earbuds

— January 21, 2014

Jawbone has launched its ERA headset, a reengineered Bluetooth earpiece that lets users take full advantage of smartphone or mobile devices while providing a natural, comfortable way to talk on the phone. By directing audio to the ear completely hands-free, ERA simplifies smartphone interactions by leveraging a more human-centric, less intrusive voice-based user interface.

At 42% smaller than Jawbone's prior headset model and with a charging case that delivers ten total hours of talk time, ERA lets users multi-task.

"With ERA, we've taken what we've learned from more than a decade of research and development in design, engineering and audio, and used it to completely reinvent the earpiece for the wearable era, based on how people are living today," said Travis Bogard, Vice President of Product Management & Strategy, Jawbone. “We designed ERA to blend seamlessly into your life and make interacting with people and our smartphones even easier, all while making the technology nearly disappear."

ERA has been designed to deliver the best audio experience possible regardless of a user's environment. A new earbud and unique audio porting system leverages the entire acoustic chamber and high efficiency of the drivers to route sound directly into the ear. Significantly smaller and better-performing MEMS microphones are included and custom DSP algorithms (digital signal processing) adjust loudness and deliver the best audio possible based on surroundings.

In addition, the new NoiseAssassin 4.0 employs more accurate algorithms for detecting all types of speech and distinguishing it from background noise. Now, when using applications like Siri and Google Now, NoiseAssassin 4.0's wideband spectrum delivers a much better signal for speech recognition, and coupled with the reduction of background noise, results in better Siri and Google Now performance.

Users can also activate Siri or Google Now without ever touching the phone. While walking or driving, vocal prompts such as, "read my last email" or "play NPR podcast" can be used.

Available in three sizes and made with a calibrated, ultra-soft silicon material, the new earbud ensures the headset is totally secure in a user’s ear at all times. 


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