A Personal Cloud for the iPad

— November 29, 2013

hopTo, a comprehensive mobile workspace, is now available on the iPad. The solution aggregates documents stored on cloud storage as well as both personal and professional computers, giving users the ability to search and access content across their “personal cloud.”

Providing a centralized view of files, wherever they reside, hopTo is also a platform to create, edit and share content such as Office documents, delivering the full productivity potential of the iPad as a complete mobile workspace.

Designed from the ground up for mobile, the app provides an intuitive and touch-friendly user experience, providing the necessary tools for creating and editing documents on a mobile device – allowing users to be fully productive while on the go.

Key features include:

  • File management
  • Create and edit MS Word and Excel files via the cloud
  • View PowerPoint files
  • Photo browsing
  • Search across cloud and PC storage
  • One-click sharing and document viewing capabilities
  • Multi-tasking user interface that enables concurrent viewing and editing of files from different sources
Instead of just basic integration of storage providers for mobile productivity, hopTo is a “one-stop shop,” aggregating all files and documents from cloud storage and computers. The app puts everything at the users’ fingertips, and all in one place. When a user saves a file, the app automatically uploads the latest version to its original location. Users can also “favorite” documents they need to access most often.


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