A Secure Solution for Box

— December 22, 2013

Skyhigh Networks, a cloud visibility and enablement company, has launched its Secure for Box, a scalable data loss prevention (DLP) solution that enables customers to extend their existing on-premise DLP capabilities to Box.

Users can protect sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI) as well as customer, financial, and proprietary data. Users can also unlock the benefits of cloud-based content sharing and collaboration from Box, while ensuring compliance with both internal policies and external regulatory requirements, such as PCI, HIPAA, and HITECH.

“At Box, we’re redefining the standards for content security in the cloud for our customers through ongoing investments in product technology, infrastructure and strategic partnerships,” said Justin Somaini, Chief Trust Officer, Box. “Skyhigh Secure for Box serves the needs of the most complex organizations and their users by protecting data from loss and providing IT teams with unparalleled visibility into how sensitive content is shared in the cloud.”

Secure for Box scans documents as soon as they are uploaded to Box. If a document contains information that violates an organization’s data governance policy, then Skyhigh automatically triggers appropriate actions, such as alerting, blocking, and quarantining.

The solution can also enable content inspection by an on-premise DLP solution, including McAfee DLP, RSA DLP and Symantec DLP. By integrating with on-premise DLP solutions, Skyhigh Secure for Box allows customers to leverage their existing investments in those technologies, while also aligning with their existing remediation processes.

“Box is the most enterprise-ready file sharing and collaboration service on the market today. However, companies still need to make sure that employees’ use of cloud services complies with international, federal, and state regulations,” said Rajiv Gupta, Founder & CEO, Skyhigh Networks. “Skyhigh Secure enables organizations to seamlessly enforce their privacy, security, and compliance policies without requiring any change to the service provider or any friction to the end-user.”

Key Features

  • Enforce data loss prevention policies and ensure compliance: Skyhigh CloudDLP provides the only cloud-based data loss prevention solution that can be deployed inline or offline. A range of remediation actions are supported, including alerting, blocking, and quarantining.
  • Extend existing on-premise data loss prevention policies to Box: Skyhigh integrates with on-premise DLP solutions such as Symantec Data Loss Prevention and EMC RSA Data Loss Prevention, enabling organizations to extend their existing DLP policies to content in Box.
  • Respond to incidents and protect data from unauthorized access: Skyhigh Application Auditing provides a comprehensive audit trail of all actions in Box, including all uploads and downloads of documents as well as view, edit, delete, and move actions, all within the unified Skyhigh dashboard.
  • Receive alerts based on anomalous activity: Skyhigh automatically develops behavioral baselines and identifies anomalous activity. Administrators can set policy thresholds and instantaneous or scheduled alerts.
  • Support BYOD and enable secure mobile-to-cloud access to Box: Skyhigh enforces access control policies without requiring a device agent or VPN connection. Skyhigh also integrates with your SAML v2 compatible single sign-on services.


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