A Terminal Client for iPad

— October 09, 2013

Attachmate Corporation has released the Attachmate Verastream Terminal Client  which allows users to securely access mainframes directly from their iPad. The app is available as a free download from Apple's App Store.

This launch further expands the company’s MobileNow strategy, which optimizes the delivery of corporate data on the mobile platform while providing tools for encrypting data, controlling access, and monitoring for misuse. Advancing business productivity beyond calendaring and email on mobile devices is at the center of the strategy.

Attachmate’s platform currently offers solutions that utilize HTML 5 and application virtualization. Adding an iPad optimized solution provides another option that helps IT deliver enterprise business applications commonly found on mainframes and midrange systems to mobile devices.

“Whether BYOD or provisioned, tablets and especially the iPad, have become part of the end-user computing landscape for enterprises,” said Tom Bice, Vice President of Marketing & Product Strategy, Attachmate. “But delivering mainframe and midrange applications to edge devices has been a challenge. Our new iPad app provides a solution enabling mobile workers to quickly connect to critical business information and maintain their competitive advantage.”

Users can access mainframe applications using a terminal or Web-to-host interface. The new app features include:

  • Touchscreen access. The new app features on-screen tap panel hotspots. These are buttons that appear over screen labels, allowing users to execute a corresponding host function or Web service.
  • Drop down keyboard. The app’s drop down host keyboard gives users the ability to remap keys for physical keyboards.
  • iPad-optimized menu. Users can easily leverage a controlled menu for accessing host applications using the familiar touchscreen interface of an iPad.
  • Complete Customization. The Verastream Terminal Client can serve up existing terminal application interfaces or a completely customized user experience.


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