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By PRESS RELEASE — September 24, 2008

Launch of Successful European Product, NTRadmin, from Global Software-as-a-Service Leader Marks Availability of Customizable NTRAdmin Bots to Automate Critical I.T. Jobs, Enhancing Productivity and Security-Even Beyond the WAN

Manhattan, (New York) and Barcelona (Spain) -- NTRglobal, an international provider of enterprise-grade, on-demand IT management solutions, announced the North American release of NTRadmin(tm) with NTRadmin Bots.

NTRadmin software-as-a-service (SaaS) helps I.T. system administrators control, monitor and secure hardware and software assets regardless of geographical location, enhancing productivity, security and cost savings.

Commenting on the release of NTRadmin, influential SaaS and I.T. trend strategist Phil Wainewright said: "NTRadmin brings much-needed relief to hard-pressed IT managers and managed service providers (MSPs). Its on-demand army of automated Bots helps them regain control of daily tasks, such as monitoring computers and servers, checking inventory, or diagnosing potential problems such as lack of disk space, underperforming CPUs, outdated anti-virus control versions and other unguarded security risks."

Extending Network Control with NTRadmin Bots -- Unlimited I.T. Task and Automation Capabilities
Unlike any other competing products, NTRadmin utilizes Bots, fully customizable virtual robots that automate critical I.T. administration jobs across workstations, laptops, and servers.  Bots can be borrowed from the NTRglobal Bots library or easily custom-programmed to execute tasks automatically inside or outside the LAN, whether they are online, offline, or only accessible after-hours.  Additionally, they can inventory all company assets, check hardware and software status and perform upgrades, patches, and file distributions without end-user coordination or disruption.  Bots can also be programmed to power-down idle, unattended machines to reduce energy consumption.

Wainewright added, "I.T. management today is accountable for the performance and availability of increasingly complex distributed client and server populations. Robust software-as-a-service solutions such as NTRadmin help them achieve more proactive fault resolution without increasing overall support costs or workload."

Increased Security and I.T. Capacity

"NTRadmin's ability to easily streamline I.T. processes gives our enterprise customers unlimited capabilities to take command and control of devices on the network and even beyond the WAN," said Llus Font, CEO, NTRglobal. "Because of our extensive global experience with organizations in Europe, the UK, the Middle East, Russia and Japan, we have proven SaaS for I.T. network management with NTRadmin and NTRsupport. Extending our platform to the Americas, offers even greater global capabilities and performance to enterprises doing business in the the Americas and everywhere on the Web."

NTRadmin enhances security by allowing IT system administrators to manage and monitor security settings across the WAN by deploying automated Bots to perform regular hot-fix and virus updates.  Delivering more than 10 million sessions annually to companies in government, healthcare and financial services among many other security-sensitive sectors, data is protected through secure storage and encrypted transmissions.  NTRadmin prevents unauthorized users from accessing computers, without the need to open special ports or change network or Firewall configurations.

A Vote of Confidence from Toshiba Spain
"Toshiba Spain needed a high-availability solution that works across its ITC platform to ensure business continuity, boost productivity and accelerate its business processes," said Miguel Garcia, ICT Manager, Toshiba TEC Spain. "Remote office connectivity delivers significant cost savings and a huge business advantage. We now serve our customers promptly, efficiently and individually in a more flexible way than before."

NTRadmin's primary attributes include:

  • Remote Control for Single or Multiple Computers: NTRadmin allows users to control any Windows PC running with an Internet connection, regardless of location. Common problems are solved via concurrent remote sessions. Privacy tools are included and all communications are encrypted by 256-bit AES.
  • Remote Power On/Off Over the Internet: NTRadmin enables companies to embrace "green" IT management by providing energy-efficient tools that help companies reduce electricity use and save money.
  • Online Inventory: NTRadmins' NTRadmin allows the administrator to constantly check hardware and software details, including the status of updates, creating a real-time picture of the network with a simple click.
  • File Transfer: Direct file transfer allows remote administration without a remote control session, to transfer all types of files across the network and ensure that anti-virus patches, updates and other files reach their targets.
  • File Management: AAA  AA centralized repository stores and distributes any file type across the network.
  • Remote Access from Pocket PC: NTRadmin encourages mobility by allowing administrators to monitor and control systems from anywhere using Pocket PCs.
  • WAN Management: Regardless of how complex or distributed the network, NTRadmin's WAN management tools control every computer.
  • User Community: You'll NTRadmin User Community enables IT administrators to share first-hand technical insights and experiences.
  • My Favorites: Users can customize the working environment by creating shortcuts to frequently-used features, computers or resources.
  • Message Center: NTRadmin centralizes message alerts generated by users, Bots, and Jobs within the network, creating one place to access critical management information.
About NTRglobal
More than 14,000 companies of all sizes in more than 60 countries rely on NTRglobal to deliver enterprise-grade security and reliability for on demand remote support with NTRsupport for their PCs, servers and Windows Mobile devices and remote administration with NTRadmin to manage and automate their IT tasks. NTRglobal secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) combines award-winning functionality, proven integration, including Salesforce and other major CRM systems, point-and-click administration and scalability, global capabilities, customization and robust reporting for 360 degree visibility and compliance management. Offering a superior customer experience with dedicated regional and global support, NTRglobal applications are offered in 15 languages, including those with double-byte characters. All NTRglobal applications are hosted from 11 data centers around the world. NTRglobal operates these secure, global data centers with fail-over capabilities to ensure robust performance and reliability.


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