Android App Enables Secure Remote Desktop Access

— August 03, 2011

Array Networks Inc., a global provider in application, desktop and cloud service delivery, announced the launch of DesktopDirect for Android, an application enabling full remote desktop access for enterprise users from Android-powered tablets or smartphones. With the Android DesktopDirect application, businesses can now empower employees with access to their physical and virtual work desktops via Android devices without risk of data leakage. Using DesktopDirect, enterprises can convert popular Android-powered mobile devices into comprehensive business tools.

DesktopDirect for Android solves two key enterprise challenges: providing full remote application availability for employees and delivering iron-clad security for sensitive data. With just the touch of a button, Android users can now access their office desktop environments and all desktop applications from any location. DesktopDirect eliminates Windows compatibility and security compliance issues; and because corporate data never leaves the office, malware is thwarted from interacting with business applications and data leakage is prevented in the event devices are lost or stolen.
Users can operate their office desktops with tablet interfaces in a straight-forward, intuitive manner utilizing a unique, finger-activated mouse developed specifically for DesktopDirect in conjunction with the Android virtual keyboard. DesktopDirect even enables users to access computers that have been turned off, powering them up on-demand in order to save energy and reduce costs. Furthermore, businesses can gain significant cost-savings by extending existing desktop application infrastructure as opposed to developing native android apps for enterprise applications.
DesktopDirect is a corporate wned, appliance-based remote desktop access solution that enables secure access to office PCs or virtual desktops from any device, allowing employees to work, even when they can’t get to the office. The DesktopDirect appliance resides on the corporate network, with desktops provisioned either by IT or by end users via self-registration. Registered desktops may then be accessed my remote devices including Android tablets and smartphones.
“Array previously introduced its secure enterprise remote desktop access for iPhones and iPads; today we are pleased to offer this same capability from Android devices,” says Michael Zhao, president and CEO of Array Networks.

“Android tablets and smart phones are on the rise, having already proven themselves as user-friendly computing platforms. With DesktopDirect, businesses can securely and cost-effectively provide employees that own these devices with a means to enhance their business productivity whether on campus or outside of the office,” he continues.
DesktopDirect for Android tablets and smartphones is currently available in the Android Marketplace.


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