Android App Tracks Field Workers

— May 26, 2011

Natural Insight, a cloud-based platform provider of advanced solutions for real-time task management and workforce optimization, introduces NI WorkTrak, an Android-based smartphone app for field worker reporting. With simple intuitive prompts, workers can now quickly and accurately record travel time as well as jobsite check-in, assignment verification, and timekeeping.

The new mobile reporting is tightly linked to the Natural Insight platform and provides supervisors with alerts when a worker fails to arrive on time or attempts to check-in when not at the correct job location. Workers are able to review task assignment summary information to ensure completion of the correct work in addition to providing GPS verified check-in, automated travel time reporting and jobsite timekeeping. NI WorkTrak increases reporting accuracy and reduces the opportunity for worker fraud.
“Natural Insight clients expect us to help them improve the bottom line while they focus on growing their business,” says Stefan Midford, president and CEO of Natural Insight. “This is another example of a true partnership where everyone wins.”
With hundreds of thousands of worker assignments tracked every month, Natural Insight has seen an increased demand for simple solutions that assist workers while also providing a level of validation for employers. With NI WorkTrak, field workers can simply download the app from the Android Market and in minutes are able to take advantage of the new smartphone reporting features.

With the continued improvement in the economy, companies are looking to improve service while also controlling expenses. The GPS validation included in NI WorkTrak reduces worker fraud while improving the accuracy of timekeeping, providing potential payroll savings of millions of dollars for large companies while simultaneously improving service quality.
“The ability to easily access and download an app like NI WorkTrak is changing the game for companies with a field workforce,” says Eric Pfleckl, VP of technical services at Natural Insight. “With full integration to the Natural Insight cloud-based platform, companies now have complete confidence in the reported information and workers can improve accuracy while saving time.”


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