Anomalous Solves Bill Shock with PlayBook App

— February 17, 2011

Anomalous Networks, Inc., the innovator and leading supplier of Real-Time Telecom Expense Management (R-TEM) solutions, announced the Telicost-Mobile App for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
"As interest and momentum behind the BlackBerry PlayBook continues to build, we are excited to be one of the pioneering applications to launch on this exceptional platform," says Anomalous Networks CEO Dan Rudich. "The BlackBerry PlayBook combined with our Telicost-Mobile Real-Time Telecom Expense Management solution will provide a powerful tool for companies to quickly get a pulse on telecom expenses such as international roaming, projected data plan overages, SMS abuse, etc. We have developed easy-to-use, visually stunning, real-time reports and alerts that can be run directly from the large BlackBerry PlayBook screen. These reports will provide in-depth business intelligence to manage telecom budgets and eliminate 'bill shock.'"
Telicost-Mobile provides businesses with a centralized view or dashboard of their aggregated telecom expenses in real-time with streamlined reporting on data usage, international roaming, usage anomalies, and asset-location tracking. Telecom managers and users each receive immediate warnings when approaching the limits of their carrier plans. Users will also receive international roaming alerts so they can work with the notified telecom manager to modify behavior or adapt plans to meet end-user needs and company budgets. Telicost-Mobile offers essential historical usage and location tracking features, which will assist telecom managers in automating plan selection decisions. Some of the reports included in Telicost-Mobile for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet include:
    - Telecom Cost Projections - This report will predict an enterprises 
carrier bills for the current month and estimate any budget surplus due
to costly in-month events such as roaming and plan overages
- Group Comparison - This chart will let the telecom manager graphically
see the data, voice, and SMS consumption between different device types,
users, or groups
- Usage to Plan - This report will allow the enterprise to see how mobile
devices are performing versus carrier plans purchased and detect
devices that may exceed plan limits and prevent overages from ever
- Device Location - In one screen, view the location of all your mobile
devices, including which users are roaming


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