Antenna Ramps Up Its Mobile Game with AMPchroma

By Tony Rizzo, Editor in Chief — February 21, 2012

Never let it be said that Antenna doesn't enjoy its bit of marketing whimsy - well placed as it tends to be. The company that brought us "deploy hAPPiness" through mobile apps now brings us the colors of the spectrum as well. Chroma essentially refers to the purity of each color in the spectrum, and Antenna likens this to its new platform, which now represents the "full spectrum" of pure mobile capabilities any enterprise needs in order to be able to deliver a complete and agile beginning to end mobile lifecycle development and management environment.
What does that mean? Here is Antenna's colorful "spectrum" of services that make up the entire mobile lifecycle:
With the launch of AMPchroma, Antenna's cloud-based, mobile business suite, companies will now be able to design, build, deploy and manage every type of mobile asset, including native and hybrid Web apps, mobile Websites, and corporate app stores, all through a single Web-based console. The goal for AMPchroma is to provide a platform that keeps the costs of "going mobile" to a minimum - relative to how sophisticated and/or complex a given mobile app ends up being - by eliminating infrastructure investments and the redundant operating costs associated with disparate mobile projects.
The suite has been designed to support a holistic approach to mobile management across an entire business. Antenna's view of it - which Mobile Enterprise echoes - is that mobility is now strategic and needs to exist at every level of a company's business - whether it's the CxO team looking at entire company-wide deployments, IT departments that need to oversee and secure the channel, or individual departments and line of business people who need to be empowered to achieve their own mobile goals.
AMPchroma is built on the Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP), Antenna's flagship mobile application development environment. AMPchroma brings "color" (as Antenna puts it) and a hoped for simplicity to what is evolving into an ever more complex mobile enterprise world. AMPchroma's capabilities and functionality now include:
  • Tools to build, design and publish mobile applications and websites: AMPchroma includes reusable application templates, design themes and controls to facilitate rapid design and construction of mobile apps and websites
  • Customer and employee application store capabilities: With AMPchroma, enterprises can create and manage branded application stores that allow consumers and employees to access a full spectrum of native and Web apps and digital content
  • Centralized management: AMPchroma's single web-based dashboard empowers users to run, test and manage all mobile business initiatives, from applications, websites, content and devices, giving full visibility and control over the entire mobile strategy
  • Business systems integration: AMPchroma is powered by Antenna's industrial strength enterprise gateway, the company's highly scalable messaging and transactional engine that ensures proper data compression, management, integrity and synchronization required for today's "run the business" mobile apps and websites
  • Flexible, scalable and agile: AMPchroma can be used holistically for a cross-enterprise mobile strategy, or tactically by a business user for targeted mobile apps and websites – the platform is fully extensible growing and scaling with you, only as you need it
  • Future-proofed:  AMPchroma keeps enterprises ahead of today's rapid device innovation with its patented server technology that supports more than 10,000 devices, from low-end feature phones to high-end smartphones and tablets
  • Security: AMPchroma is PCI, SysTrust and SAS70 certified. Its patent-pending hybrid container security and provisioning technology gives enterprises the full control and protection they require over both corporate- and employee-liable devices


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