Antenna Software Compatible with 8,000 Mobile Devices

— March 07, 2011

Antenna Software, a mobile business application software vendor, has passed the milestone of 8,000 handsets with its mobile device information library, part of the Volantis Framework platform for content delivery. With this comprehensive device database, Antenna, which acquired Volantis in February 2011, offers industry-leading patented technology to render applications and Web sites across the most devices and support the most device capability attributes—more than 850 attributes per device—to offer the best possible user experience on any Internet-enabled device.
The Dell Streak 7, Samsung Infuse 4G, and Nexus-S—launched at this year’s Mobile World Congress—are just three of the latest devices that are now supported by the database, ensuring that, in spite of the rapid developments in smartphones in 2010, Antenna and Volantis customers’ mobile offerings are supported on the very latest in devices.
The level of form fragmentation across mobile devices is an industry pain point that makes it difficult for mobile content developers to provide a consistent user experience.  With the arrival of the tablet computer, and industry competitors attempting to stay ahead by introducing ever more advanced smartphones, the number of possible permutations of operating systems and browser standards used to access mobile content runs to thousands.
The Antenna Volantis Framework, with its extensive mobile device information library, allows operators and enterprises to offer a compelling mobile Web experience regardless of the device used, allowing developers to target the high-end functions of the latest smartphones and tablets as well as maintaining best service for legacy feature phones.
This complements Antenna’s mobile application offerings, powered by the Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP), which run across multiple device platforms, including Apple iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile, optimizing user satisfaction on any device, anywhere.
"The mobile industry is no longer confined to just the mobile phone—it now encompasses all manner of wireless devices, including smartphones and the latest tablet computers,” says Jim Hemmer, president and CEO of Antenna Software. “Mobile Internet use is a daily habit for many people; this latest milestone will ensure that operators and content developers are able to offer the highest level of functionality while also futureproofing against the industry’s constant advances to provide the best experience on whatever screen the consumer uses.”


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